Your Stuck With Me

Through pain, there’s friendship.

The friendship that makes you feel blessed.

That makes you feel something.

The feeling that another human loves being your friend. You have to be doing something right. Right?

I remember being in sixth grade. That’s where I met my best friend.

We did everything together.

All of our teenage shenanigans together.

We would hangout as much as possible, until we didn’t.

She moved. I moved even further.

We would talk here and there until one of us stopped.

One time we didn’t talk for a year or so, but we picked up right where we left off.

That’s a beautiful thing.

I can say I’m super blessed to have her in our lives.

We have been best friends for 11 years.

Can you believe that?

Friends like her are hard to come by these days.

She’s trustworthy, loving, caring, so honest.

She loves my beautiful baby girls. They know she’s going to stick around.

I love seeing my girls scream in excitement when I tell them she’s coming over.

She is one of the strongest people I know.

She works her ass off, but still makes time for us.

When things were going wrong in my life, she would drop what she’s doing just to be here for me.

I can honestly say, I wish I would’ve been a better friend like she is.

There were times she needed me and I wasn’t there for her.

I’ve been a shitty friend at times.

I can seriously say she’s always tried.

Sometimes you just don’t realize what you have.

I’m changing all the time. Friendships are changing all the time.

I just want our friendship to never die out because we are best friends. I can’t loose that.

This was hard to write because I can’t even express the things we went through. We didn’t have the best home lives, but we had each other to understand.

All the love that was given. All the happy memories. You would’ve had to live it with me to understand.

I just hope everyone who has friends understands you need to value what you have.

Be blessed.

Be happy.


Always cherish.

Everything can be taken in an instant, but I refuse to let our friendship go.

“No matter what, no matter where”

Love you Mikayla 🖤

9 thoughts on “Your Stuck With Me

    Because I have been rocked by your blog, I nominated you for a “Liebster Award”, which is aimed at getting new bloggers noticed. There is no fancy cash award, just a fun chain letter type of blog where the person who nominates creates questions for the nominee to answer, and then it moves on. Even if you don’t decide to answer the questions, please just know that I think the world of your blog. Keep writing!

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