Spark ✨

Guess what?

Date night tonight!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but I need a break.

The girls are going to my in-laws.

Thank god for them or I would have to hire a babysitter.

Best part about date night is I actually get to talk to my husband.

No distractions.

No phones.

Turning all technology off.

Just the two of us, finally.

Having kids is a lot of work.

A lot of mom, mom, mom, mom, watch this, mom look at me, mom I want to do this, mom let’s go do this, mom, mom, mom.

Sometimes you get a little frustrated because your not getting the time you need with your spouse so the “spark” disappears for a bit.

Well not tonight. That “spark” is going to be lit!

Date nights are perfect to unwind. Stop being so uptight. And just take a breath.

I can’t contain my excitement!

We are going to get all dressed up, drop the girls off, go and get a couple drinks, then come home and just hangout. KID FREE.

Sounds perfect to me, especially since I was sick all week.

Cheers to love everyone 💕

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